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McDonald's/Burger King cheese sauce

Date: 2021-05-08

This is by far the worst substance I've ever got from a fast food place. It literally tastes like stale sour cream. Please don't repeat my mistakes and don't try it.

Rating: 1 star out of 3 Bad

Wikibooks fish and chips

Date: 2021-06-26

This is the meal I wanted to try for a long time. Unfortunately, there were no places that sell them in my city, so the only choice I had was to try home-made ones. As you can see, I chose a recipe from Wikibooks, and I can probably say I'm satisfied. I wouldn't say we followed the recipe too closely because we made a few alterations such as not serving the thing with lemons, but to be fair, we did use cod despite it being one expensive son of a bitch. The meal itself turned out pretty good. We fucked up the chips a little bit, so they weren't as good as, for example, KFC fries, but still they were pretty edible. The fish was fantastic though. It didn't look quite like the picture on Wikibooks (specifically, the batter was more gray than brown), but it didn't affect the taste in any way. Overall, I'd say it's pretty good, and I would completely justify eating food like this everyday have I been British.

Rating: 2 stars out of 3 Good

Schweppes: Indian Tonic

Date: 2021-10-05

This is so bad that it shouldn't be considered drinkable.

Rating: 0 stars out of 3 Please don't

Todd Wilbur's Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Date: 2023-04-26

The recipe is pretty complicated, so getting the full experience is quite difficult. For example, I had to substitute buttermilk with kefir and self-rising flour with regular flour and yeast, as neither of those are sold here. With that said however, this is the tastiest chicken I've tried in my entire life. It's crispy as hell and flavorful.

Rating: 3 stars out of 3 Outstanding